flat rate.

The flat rate allows unlimited access to reconstructed limit order book data. It is designed for research institutions: This option includes 10 individual accounts, each with access to the request interface and a personal data management system. Also included is a total of 1'000 GB (100 GB per account) of storage space for raw unzipped data on LOBSTER's servers.

  • access.
    No restrictions on tickers, number of requests or periods. Up to 200 price levels are available. Each user can request new data subject to sufficient storage space on the user's account. If the user has insufficient storage space, LOBSTER's online data management system can be used to remove the data with just a few mouse clicks.

  • individual accounts with storage space.
    The flat rate access includes 10 individual accounts with access to the request interface and personal data management. Each user is offered 100 GB of storage space for raw unzipped data. Additional accounts are, of course, available for a small fee.

For the full details please refer to LOBSTER's price list. The terms and conditions are available here.


The flat-rate access to reconstructed limit order book data is priced at 4798 EUR per year (excl. VAT). The flat rate subscription fees must be paid in advance. The contract period is set to 1 year. Additional sub-accounts can be added for 100 EUR (excl. VAT), with their duration being matched to that of the underlying flat-rate access.

academic restriction.

Access to LOBSTER's data can only be granted to researchers that have obtained NASDAQ OMX's academic waiver.


Joining LOBSTER takes just two simple steps. We will guide you through the process until you have the first batch of data on you hard disk.

Please contact us if you have any question or want to join LOBSTER.