Below are all the documents required for obtaining data from LOBSTER. The first section contains a 'how to apply' guide, the application form as well as all the legal documents including the terms and conditions and price list.

In the second part, we have included links to the documents required by NASDAQ OMX: The Global Data Agreement and the Data Feed Request Form, which are part of the academic waiver application, and the Global Subscriber Agreement.


  • how to apply.
    The 'how to apply' guide describes in detail all the steps necessary to obtain data from LOBSTER. It includes a template for the academic waiver application, guiding you through the details and guaranteeing an effortless experience. [pdf]

  • application form.
    LOBSTER's application form stands at the beginning of getting access to the data. You are asked to supply contact and billing information, select your access option and name the individuals that shall have access to LOBSTER's data. [pdf]

  • update existing account.
    Please use LOBSTER's update account form to update or change your existing account. If you want to buy additional credits for your pay-per-use account, purchase additional flat rate sub-accounts or change the users associated with flat-rate sub-accounts enter the information in the form and send it to service@lobsterdata.com. [pdf]

  • product information.
    The product information contains a detailed description of LOBSTER's output structure and all other necessary details. [pdf]

  • price list.
    The price list summarizes the details of the access options available and states the respective payment options. [pdf]

  • terms and conditions.
    frischedaten UG (haftungsbeschränkt)'s terms and conditions for obtaining data from LOBSTER can be found here.


Below are links to documents of NASDAQ OMX that are relevant to LOBSTER's subscribers. Please note, these are external links referring you to nasdaqtrader.com.

  • global data agreement.
    The NASDAQ OMX Global Data Agreement forms the legal basis for NASDAQ's academic waiver and has to be submitted in the waiver application. [external pdf]

  • data feed request form.
    In NASDAQ's Data Feed Request Form one specifies which data product will be received from the distributor under the academic waiver. [external pdf]

  • global subscriber agreement.
    The NASDAQ OMX Global Subscriber Agreement has to be signed by a university representative and among other things sets restrictions on the use and transfer of information obtained from NASDAQ OMX and describes the consequences for a subscriber's breach of the agreement. [external pdf]

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