official launch in 2013.

It has been a while since the end of our beta-phase, but now we are happy to announce that LOBSTER will go live in 2013. We have secured our license and can now start to provide reconstructed limit order book data to academic researchers worldwide.

Let’s take a quick peek at what LOBSTER will offer and the payment options that will be available.

LOBSTER will offer:

  • access to reconstructed limit order book data derived from NASDAQ’s historical TotalView-ITCH files.
  • customizable level of detail: Order books with up to 200 levels.
  • latest data: Large database of historical messages up to the market activity of the day before yesterday.
  • easy and intuitive request interface.

Two payment options will be available. A flat rate access for research institutions and a pay-per-use option for smaller groups or individual researchers.

The flat rate access features individual accounts for researchers with storage space on LOBSTER’s servers and a personal data management system. The pay-per-use access is based on a credit system that allows access to the desired data at very reasonable prices.

Both, the flat rate and pay-per-use option, give access to the entire database. There are no restrictions on tickers, periods, or, the number of requests.

The LOBSTER team wishes everybody happy holidays and a happy new year.

See you next year.